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Hello and welcome to My Camping Spot, we're here to help you get the most out of your camping and backpacking experience. We offer guides and tips for beginners and experienced campers to help you enjoy your outdoor adventure experience.

At My Camping Spot we also have many guides and reviews of all the best camping gear, especially tents. We have many tent guides ranging from best 2 person tent, best 3 person tent, best 4 person tent and best 6 person tent to help you find the perfect tent for you, why not check out our tent buyers guide it will go through every aspects of buying a tent, and after reading that we guarantee you will be a tent expert.

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The Joy Of Camping

We believe camping is one of life’s joys, and hopefully you feel the same way, nothing beats being in the great outdoors! But camping requires preparation and planning, so we’ve created this site to help you plan your camping trip, we have guides to help complete beginners, and we have gear guides to help you pick the ultimate in camping equipment.

Be sure to check out our in-depth tent guides for the best tent reviews.

The idea of camping can defer greatly from one person to the next. Backpacking the Colorado Trail or camping in your backyard are two completely different things, but both can be fun and enjoyable, that’s why we aim are guides, reviews and tips, at every type of camper, backpacker and adventurer.

There is no adventure or outdoor experience too big or too small!

Make sure you check out all our reviews to get the best gear, so you are fully prepared to have the best time on your next outdoor adventure!


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